My name is Lou Chiaramonte, Jr. 

I’m running to represent District 5 on the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee (SCCDCC). 

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors District 5 encompasses the San Lorenzo Valley, the City of Scotts Valley, northern portions of the City of Santa Cruz, and many other locales. To see if you reside in its boundaries, check the official GIS at (in the Layer List menu at the left of the map screen, scroll down and open the Jurisdictional, Elections, Census category, then check the box next to Supervisorial Districts).

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Districts. Base Image from

I've resided in Zayante (about 3.5 miles north of Felton) for 17 years. I was born in San Jose, and my family has lived in the region for over 130 years. I am 42 years old. I identify as he/him. My ethnicity is mixed, and could generally be categorised as European (primarily Iberian), North African, West Asian, West African (Bantu), Ashkenaz, and Amerindian (Cherokee and Arapaho).

Having worked in the fields of archaeology and historic preservation, I have a deep understanding of the history of Santa Cruz County. Having lived in Zayante for 17 years, I am also very familiar with contemporary issues in the region. My house is located in the redwoods, and I've experienced road closures, disconnection from the power grid for days on end, trees falling, and water lines breaking. I personally know many people who have to deal with these same issues, but who are under far more extreme economic hardships.

I currently serve as an elected Assembly District delegate (ADEM), representing Assembly District 28 within the California Democratic Party.  I’ve also served as an Alternate Member of the Santa Cruz County DCC for about 2 years. I’m currently the Alternate for my spouse, Gwen, who is not running to retain her DCC Member seat this election cycle.

I have attended 3 California Democratic Party (CADEM) Conventions (once as a proxy delegate, twice as an elected delegate).  I have introduced Resolutions which have passed at several regional DCCs, and I spearheaded a Resolution that passed at the California Democratic Party (Resolution 20-11.25).  I also drafted and introduced two Proclamations that were passed by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.

I consistently voted Democrat, but I was non-partisan (not joining a political party) until 2019. I joined the Democratic Party after the death of my paternal grandmother, Anne, who was a life-long Democrat. She credited New Deal programs for allowing her family to survive during the Great Depression. Her parents were immigrants from the Andalusia region of Spain. Her mother died when Anne was a young child. Her 4 siblings were separated, while her father worked odd jobs (shepard, agricultural worker) to pay for their care. They were able to reunite as a family when Federal programs began to provide food assistance. Thus, my own existence is owed, in-part, to the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has a long and checkered history. Some of my Cherokee and Arapaho Ancestors faced genocide due to policies put forward by Democratic leaders at the time. Some of my Bantu Ancestors lived in a world where plantation slavery dominated the US South--a system that was heavily associated with the Democratic Party at the time. But from the time of the Great Depression, the Democratic Party has been at the forefront of guaranteeing the basic life necessities (food, medicine, shelter) of US residents. In recent decades, the Democratic Party has focused on ensuring that the basic human rights of US residents are better realized (regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, ability, or sexual orientation).

It is my hope that the Democratic Party can continue to ensure that effective government programs exist to ensure people's basic needs are met, protect people's rights, and to protect the land on which we all reside.


My last name means 'clear mountain'. That line of my Ancestry were apparently direct descendants of Carolingian Emperor Charlemagne (CE 768 - CE 814). The name was derived from Claremont, France. It was Italicized around the year 1100 CE.

Democracy Is Best Practiced With Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency of Action